Q: Are you familiar with Aurora Province?

A: No, not yet. I've never been to Aurora when I was a resident in Philippines. I heard this province already and I know that it is also included in Region 4 or Southern Tagalog Region. Many of my friends, relatives, and folks told me that Aurora is also a nice province in Philippines. It is only a small province but it is nice to visit there according to them.

Q: Could you please describe about Province of Aurora if you are familiar in that province?

A: Well, Aurora is located north of Quezon, northeast of Bulacan, east of Nueva Ecija, southeast of Nueva Vizcaya, and south of Quirino and Isabela. Aurora Province was named after Mrs. Aurora Aragon Quezon, wife of late President Manuel Luis Quezon, who was assassinated in Baler, Tayabas together with her daughter, Maria Aurora. Tayabas later is changed into Quezon in honor of late President Manuel Luis Quezon. The few towns of northern part of Quezon is later incorporated into a new province which is Aurora.

Q: How big is Province of Aurora?

A: Aurora (Map of Aurora) consists of the following towns:

Q: We heard that Province of Aurora is also a rich province in Philippines, isn't it?

A: Aurora is not yet a rich province in Philippines because of its small land area and population as well. Aurora is very rich in natural resources because of many mountains, taller trees, oceans, beaches, and plantations as well. Aurora is also a well-known province for fishing because it is located along the Pacific Ocean. There are many coconut trees along the oceans that's why there are many buko or young coconut pies, delicacies, and candies that are selling in the markets there. Many of the foreigners that are visiting in Philippines are also visiting in Aurora because of the beautiful beaches and delicious seafoods there. Also, there are many resorts for the tourists and visitors. The fishes that are selling in the market are really fresh and newly catch from the ocean. The most popular fishes in the province are tuna, tulingan, blue marlin, tanigue, and lapu-lapu. The main source of income in Aurora are fishing, farming, and tourism as well. The nearby provinces of Aurora are buying fresh fishes, fruits, and vegetables there at cheap price or wholesale price. There are many restaurants that are serving seafoods especially for the tourists, visitors, and guests who are mostly came from other countries.

Q: What are the main roads in Province of Aurora?

A: I am sorry, I don't know the main roads there because I've never been in Aurora when I was in Philippines. As far as I know, in order to get or visit in Aurora, you have to pass in the main roads of Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino, Bulacan, Isabela, and Quezon.

Q: We heard that you were arrived in Philippines on November 9, 2009. Since you are a Balikbayan, did you have a tour in Province of Aurora?

A: That's a good question. Yes, I went to Aurora in Dingalan on November 13, 2009 after we had a tour in Palayan City, Laur, and Gabaldon in Nueva Ecija. I went there with my relatives courtesy of my cousin, Alvin Alvaran Magtalas. We went there together with my mother's sisters and cousins to visit one of the resort of my cousin's wife, Filipina Mercado Magtalas. Their resort is so nice with private pools, kitchens, and rooms. We did not swim at the beaches there because we don't have swimming trunks and swimsuits and the ocean waves were very strong. We eat snacks there like buko or young coconut pie and delicacies and buko juice. Most of the dishes in Aurora are cooked with coconut milk because there are many plantation of coconut along the beaches. Before we went back to Hunter Valley Resort in Cabanatuan City, we bought many fishes along the roadsides and markets in Dingalan. The fishes there are so fresh and affordable as well. This is also a memorable tour there and it is also my first time to visit there.

Q: How's the weather in Province of Aurora?

A: Well, the weather there was good because it was sunny but cloudy especially in afternoon. The temperature there is 90F during days and 75F during nights. The ocean waves there were very strong because of the strong winds at the ocean.

Q: Do you recommend to anyone to visit in Province of Aurora?

A: Yes, of course. I am inviting everyone to visit in Aurora because it is also a nice place especially the oceans and beaches. If you want to visit in nature places like mountains, plantations, oceans, and beaches, it is a best place for you. The foods there are very delicious especially the fishes and seafoods. Although this province is not yet developed, still it is a nice place to visit and have a tour and vacation there.

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