Q: We heard that you went to Bayamon, Puerto Rico, isn't it?

A: Yes, I went to Bayamon, Puerto Rico on September 6, 2009 after I visited in Cataņo, Puerto Rico. Bayamon, Puerto Rico is about 60 kilometers or 40 minute drive from Carolina, Puerto Rico where the Coral by the Sea Hotel is located. I stayed at Coral by the Sea Hotel during my stay in Puerto Rico from September 4-7, 2009. Please have quarters in your car always especially if you are passing their freeways because you have to pay $1 or 4 quarters in tollbooths. You have to drop 4 quarters at their machine in order to open the gate at the toll plaza.

Q: How's the weather there in Bayamon, Puerto Rico?

A: Well, the weather there is nice when I went there. It was sunny during my visit there. The temperature there is 90°F during days and 65°F during nights. It is also humid there that's why I got sweat there. I brought some towels to wipe-off my sweat. In Philippines, it is the same thing because Puerto Rico and Philippines are both located near to equator.

Q: Did you have a tour in Bayamon, Puerto Rico?

A: Yes, I had a tour at Bayamon, Puerto Rico on September 6, 2009 as I said. I went to the downtown area of Bayamon, Puerto Rico as well as at their main public park. This is the hometown of Dayanara Torres (Miss Universe 1993 and movie actress) and Ricky Martin (a singer and a member of Menudo Band in 1980s). Bayamon, Puerto Rico is also a well-known place for having a lot of coliseums, museums, and shopping centers. This place is also peaceful but crowded during some concerts and events. The Miss Universe 2001 was held at Coliseo Ruben Rodriguez and Miss Puerto Rico won her crown and title in Puerto Rico. Also, if there are other events like boxing, basketball, and so on, the venue is also at Coliseo Ruben Rodriguez. The 1989 Olympics was held in Puerto Rico particularly in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. There is a train station that goes to many places in Puerto Rico. I went to many shopping centers there. Most of the well-known schools and universities in Puerto Rico are located there. During rush hours, Bayamon, Puerto Rico is also traffic because there are many offices and shopping centers.

Q: Is your trip to Bayamon, Puerto Rico memorable?

A: Yes, of coarse. It is so memorable because it was my first time to go there. The weather there is so nice like in Philippines. The people there are also approachable and friendly. I am also learning in speaking Spanish there. Although not all the people in Puerto Rico are fluent in English, they are friendly and approachable as I said. I talked to many people there. The peace and order situation there is also good because the law in Puerto Rico is also the same as in United States of America. Therefore, the area is peaceful.

Q: Do you have a plan to visit again in Bayamon, Puerto Rico in the future?

A: Yes, of course because I want to see the other places in Bayamon, Puerto Rico later. I don't have enough time to do the shopping in many shopping malls there. There are many museums and coliseums that I need to visit there later. The whole area of Bayamon, Puerto Rico is also traffic that's why I was not able to visit the other places there.

Q: Do you recommend Bayamon, Puerto Rico to anyone?

A: Yes, I will recommend also to anyone to visit in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. If you like to visit in many museums, coliseums, and shopping malls, this is a best place for you. There are many trains stations that goes to many places in Puerto Rico. The people there are nice, friendly, and approachable, too.

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