His Birth:

Armando Magtalas Balajadia was born on April 23, 1970 at 10:30pm at Philippine National Railways Hospital (PNR) in Caloocan, Rizal, Philippines. His mother, Rosario Magtalas Balajadia was sent to hospital on April 9, 1970 because her womb is already hurting and painful. PNR Hospital is just 100 meters or one block away from his grandparents' house. She was confined for many days already there. Thanks God that Armando was born on April 23, 1970 or else her mother's doctor (Dr. Guillerma Naval Shahagun of Malabon, Rizal, Philippines) will decide to do Cesarian operation to his mother. It is more painful if his mother will experience Cesarian operation. It takes about almost two weeks in order for her to do child birth. This was his mother's first time to give a childbirth that's why it's very painful for her.

Since his grandfather, Juan Guevarra Balajadia, is a long time employee of Philippine National Railways (PNR), the hospital gave the discount in the hospital bills. Since PNR is a government owned firm, therefore PNR Hospital is a public hospital. Anyway, his mother's doctor as mentioned earlier was Dr. Guillerma Naval Shahagun. Dr. Shahagun is a friend of Dr. Sergio Darlucio Vargas. Dr. Sergio Darlucio Vargas is a first cousin of Armando's grandmother, Gregoria Darlucio Balajadia.

While his mother was confined in the hospital for few days, she was watching TV programs at her room like Hawaii Five-O, Let's Sing with Pilita, The Patridge Family, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, etc.. All his relatives, the Magtalas and Balajadia families were praying and send the prayer requests to churches like San Gabriel Catholic Church and San Roque Parish Church. After his mother gave a childbirth, all his relatives were happy and gave thanks to God because Armando and his mother are in good condition. Since the moon was full moon, most of the surroundings were very bright and some of the folks said that Armando will be a lucky person because the moon was full when he was born.

All his relatives were visiting his mother always especially his father, and his grandparents. They were also visiting him at the Nursery Area. After one week, on April 30, 1970, Armando and his mother were checked-out in the hospital. Later, they stayed at his grandparents' house (father's side) at 188 Samson Road, Caloocan, Rizal. His father went to Municipal Hall of Caloocan, Rizal immediately to register his birth with the assistance of PNR Hospital and Dr. Guillerma Naval Shahagun.

On April 20, 1970 (three days before his birth), his relatives were mentioned that there was an earthquake, too at around 2:30pm and the intensity of the earthquake was 6.5 in Manila. Thanks God that the hospital building was not damaged and no one was hurt in the earthquake. The volcanic eruption of Mount Taal was the reason of the earthquake. His mother was so very nervous on that time that's why she gave a childbirth immediately.

His Parents:

His father, Alfredo Darlucio Balajadia, and his mother, Rosario Samson Magtalas, were neighbors at their place. His father was living at 188 Samson Road, Caloocan Rizal with his family while his mother was living at Malonzo Street also in Caloocan, Rizal with her cousins Leticia Ignacio and Lydia Ignacio Umali with her husband Feliciano Umali. His father was working at Comtrust Bank (later absorbed by Bank of Philippine Islands) as a bank employee at Escolta Branch in Santa Cruz, Manila while his mother was working at US Tobacco Corporation as a cigarette wrapper in Port Area, Manila. His mother went to Greater Manila Area in Caloocan, Rizal to find a better opportunity in order to support her family in Baliuag, Bulacan. His parents were best friends and lovers for almost 5 years. They had an unexpected activity on July 14, 1969 at 9:00 pm when his mother had a fever and nobody was inside their house. His father was visiting her during that time. Since there was a storm with heavy rains, his father was decided to sleep there. When his mother got pregnant, they got married on August 9, 1969 at 6:00 pm at San Agustin Church in Baliuag, Bulacan. Anyway, his parents had a plan for their wedding later although his mother was not yet pregnant because they were loving each other for almost 5 years and their relationship is very strong until now.

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