Q: We heard that you went to Cataņo, Puerto Rico, isn't it?

A: Yes, I went to Cataņo, Puerto Rico on September 6, 2009. Cataņo, Puerto Rico is about 30 kilometers or 20 minute drive from Carolina, Puerto Rico in which I stayed at Coral by the Sea Hotel during my stay in Puerto Rico.

Q: How's the weather there in Guavate, Puerto Rico?

A: Well, the weather there was nice when I went there and it was sunny. The temperature there is 90°F during days and 65°F during nights. It is also humid there that's why I got sweat there. I brought some towels to wipe-off my sweat. In Philippines, it is the same thing because Puerto Rico and Philippines are both located near to equator.

Q: Did you have a tour in Cataņo, Puerto Rico?

A: Yes, I had a tour at Cataņo, Puerto Rico on September 6, 2009 to visit the main factory of Bacardi Rum. Bacardi Rum is a well-known rum not only in Puerto Rico but also in the whole world. Ron Bacardi is the founder of Bacardi Rum. There are many plantations of sugar canes in Cataņo, Puerto Rico that's why the Bacardi Rum was invented by Ron Bacardi. I visited the downtown area of Cataņo, Puerto Rico first before I visited the Bacardi Rum factory. The tour at Bacardi Rum factory is free with free cocktails drinks everyday from 8:00am to 5:00pm except official holidays. No picture takings and videos inside the plant because of the security of their secret trade in making the rum. You can take pictures only at the lobby and visitors' area. I enjoyed my tour there and I had a free cocktail drinks like mojito, coconut rum, and piņa colada. You tour in Puerto Rico is not complete if you missed this one. You will learn more about the making of Bacardi rum by watching their videos. Puerto Rico is a well-known country, too when it comes with making of Bacardi Rum and cocktail drinks.

Q: Is your trip to Cataņo, Puerto Rico memorable?

A: Yes, of coarse. It is so memorable because it was my first time to go there. The weather there is so nice like in Philippines. The people there are also approachable and friendly. I am also learning in speaking Spanish there. Although not all the people in Puerto Rico are fluent in English, they are friendly and approachable as I said. I talked to many employees of Bacardi Rum, residents, and police officers there. The peace and order situation there is also good because the law in Puerto Rico is also the same as in United States of America. Therefore, the area is peaceful.

Q: Do you have a plan to visit again in Cataņo, Puerto Rico in the future?

A: Yes, of course because the main factory of Bacardi Rum is so beautiful and nice with a free cocktail drink. Definitely, if I will visit in Puerto Rico again with companions, I will bring them at Bacardi Rum factory to see how the Bacardi Rum is made from sugar canes. The downtown area of Cataņo, Puerto Rico is also nice and peaceful place.

Q: Do you recommend Cataņo, Puerto Rico to anyone?

A: Yes, I will recommend also to anyone to visit in Cataņo, Puerto Rico. If you want to drink Bacardi Rum and cocktails for free, Cataņo, Puerto Rico is the best place for you. You will learn how the Bacardi Rum is made from sugar canes. The people there are nice, friendly, and approachable, too.

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