Q: Your family name is not so familiar. Where is your family name came from?

A: Well, according to my grandfather when he is alive, our family name came from India. Some of our old folks said that our family name came from the Muslim Region in Mindanao.

Q: We heard that you traced a family tree of your family, what is your purpose in making a family tree in your family?

A: I am so curious about our family. I met some people in Philippines whose surname is also Balajadia but I am not yet meet them. Our surname are not so familiar in Philippines. Since our surname is not so familar, they are also our relatives but far relationships. I started in making family tree since 1996 when some of our relatives asked where our family name came from. Because of my curiosity, I started tracing the family tree, first from my father and his relatives in Caloocan City, second from my grandfather's relatives in Magalang, Pampanga, third from my great grandfather's relatives in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, and then I travelled from different places like other areas of Nueva Ecija, Baguio City, Pangasinan, Tarlac, Pampanga, and Morong, Rizal. I also went to Archieves Division of National Library, and Census Office. I finished it in 1999 when our relative, Richard Balajadia of Morong, Rizal and now a resident in Salt Lake City, Utah, helped me thru giving the informations by sending me some bith certificates of ancestors thru mail. In Salt Lake City Library, they have a document but it is placed in a microfilm section.

Q: Did you make a website of Family Tree of Balajadia?

A: Yes, I make it since April 2001 when my younger brother, Arnold, send me a birthday gift and when I opened it, it is a scanner. I scanned pictures which I collected from my relatives and then placed them in the website. I finished it last June 2001. I make a website of Family Tree of Balajadia so that our relatives anywhere in the world can see our pictures and profiles.

Q: Since you have finished the family tree, do you have plans in setting family reunion?

A: Yes, I have a plan to make a schedule of family reunion. I can contact our relatives thru mail, email, and telephone. I have a list of Balajadia family in which I have visited and I will place it also in the website.

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