Q: Do you know Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA?

A: Yes, I know Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA. It is located at the northwest part of Arizona. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA is also near to the boundaries of Nevada and Utah.

Q: How far is Grand Canyon, Arizona from your place in Daly City, California?

A: Well, Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA is about 800 miles from Daly City, California. It takes about 15 to 16 hours by driving depending with the traffic conditions and weather.

Q: We heard that you went to Grand Canyon, isn't it?

A: Yes, we went to Grand Canyon on November 29, 2008 together with my mother, brother, sister-in-law, and nephew. We were planned to go there and we scheduled our tour there at this date because of the 4-day weekend in USA which is the celebration of Thanksgiving Day. After we had a tour at Hoover Dam in Boulder City, Nevada, we went to Grand Canyon straight by long drive for 5 hours more. We don't eat in any restaurants there because we brought foods that are left from Thanksgiving Day party. Grand Canyon is also a tourist attraction not only in Arizona but also in USA. This area is so beautiful because of the shape of the mountains that they are very unique but beautiful that's why there are many people there when we went there. Most of the tourists there are came from other countries. After our tour there, we stayed at my brother's friend's house in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Q: How did you go to Grand Canyon in Grand Canyon, Arizona?

A: We went there by taking I-80 East, I-5 South, CA-46 East, CA-99 South, CA-58 East, I-15 North, I-40 East, and then AZ-64 North. It is better if you have a GPS or road navigator so that you will not get lost in driving. You must have a full tank always when you are driving there because the gas stations there are very few and far away to each other.

Q: How's the weather in Grand Canyon in Grand Canyon, Arizona?

A: Well, the weather there was so cold. It was sunny but very cold when we went there. The temperature there was 35F. During summer period, the temperature there is 80F to 85F while during winter time, the temperature there is 15F to 20F. It is better for you to check the weather forecast first before you go there so that you can bring snow chains, blankets, jackets, and sweatshirts because it is also hard for you to drive there during winter period.

Q: Do you recommend Grand Canyon to anyone?

A: Yes, I will recommend Grand Canyon to anyone because it is also nice tourist spot especially for those who want to visit in mountain areas. It is also good for mountain climbers and hikers. There are many lots, cottages, and hotels for those who want to stay in the whole area for a week or so. You can bring camping tents and camping materials there but there is a fee to rent a lot. You have to verify with the management of Grand Canyon about the fees. Grand Canyon is open for the whole year that's why there are many tourists there always. There are two areas of Grand Canyon, the North Rim and the South Rim. During summer period, the North Rim and the South Rim are open while during winter period, only the South Rim is open because the whole area of North Rim is covered with snow.

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