Q: Do you have lots of memories during your time as a kindergarden student?

A: Yes, of course because my parents were still taking care of me. They helped me in doing my homework, assignments, tutorials, and projects. I could play with my neighbors especially during the weekends. I could also watch the television shows, reading the comics, and doing the coloring of the children's books.

Q: We heard that you had a neighbor who became your family's best friend for a long period of time, isn't it?

A: Yes, we had a neighbor who became our family's best friend for a long period of time. They just moved in 1975, a year after we moved from my grandparent's house to Mr. Alipio Nuqui's apartment. My neighbor's name is Mrs. Ester Ramirez Abad with 5 children, namely: Maricris, Bessie, Marivic, Michael, and Lor-di. Her childen was my co-player and became my friends too until we grown up. She was very nice to us, especially to my mother and she became her best friend. She was also generous to us because everytime that they had an occassion, she was always giving us foods, new clothes, coloring books, toys, and sometimes they brought us to Luneta or Rizal Park, Children's Playground, Harrison Plaza, Fiesta Carnival, Escolta, and Greenhills Shopping Center. They invited us always in their home to play with her children especially Marivic and Michael.

Q: You mentioned that you were watching the television shows, what are they?

A: Well, I was watching the television shows often especially after I came from school like Sesame Street, Poppeye, Captain America, Bugs Bunny, Walt Disney Cartoons, and so on. Also, after I ate our dinner, I was still watching the television shows like BBC Balita, GMA Balita, The Price Is Right, Wonder Woman by Linda Carter, I Dream of Jeannie, The Partridge Family, Charlie's Angels, Chips, Little House of the Prairie, Starsky and Hutch, Seeing Stars With Joe Quirino, Showbiz with Salvador, and so on. In the weekends, I was still watching the television shows also like Spin A Win by Jeanne Young, GMA Show, Kuwarta o Kahon by Pepe Pimentel, and so on. I had a condition that I should finished my homework, assignments, and projects before I watched the television shows. My parents were also strict especially when it comes to my studies. My parents were expecting me to become at least a honor student and thanks God that I became a honor student when I graduated in Kindergarden.

Q: What is your favorite food when you are a Kindergarden Student?

A: Well, my favorite foods are the following when I was a Kindergarden Student: Magnolia Fresh Milk in bottle, Magnolia Choco Vim, Sarsi (Rootbeer), Pop Cola, Sunta Orange, Royal Thru Orange, LemoLime, 7-Up, Sprite, Coke, Pepsi, RC Cola, Fres Gusto, M and M chocolates, Tootsie Roll, Sunkist Orange Juice in tetrapack, Skyflakes Biscuits, Fita Biscuits, Pacitas Butter Cookies, Purefoods Hotdog, Sunflower Crackers, Cheese Whiz, Tang Orange Juice, Milo, Ovaltine, Nido, Klim, Magnolia Ice Cream, Selecta Ice Cream, Presto Ice Cream, Magnolia Popsicles, Magnolia Drumstick, Sunny Orange Drink, Sunquick Orange Juice, Del Monte Pineapple Juice, Lady's Choice Chicken Spread, etc. Fresh fruits like dalanghita, banana, watermelon, custard fruit, chico, lanzones, guava, camachile, duhat, siniguelas, rambutan, mango, papaya, pineapple, guyabano, buko, melon, mabolo, avocado, apple, grapes, etc. Filipino dishes such as paksiw na bangus, pinakbet, ginisang monggo, pritong isda, paksiw na bisugo, ginisang gulay, bulanglang, menudo, afritada, adobong baboy at manok, tinolang manok, dinuguan, batchoy, kare-kare, crispy pata, steamed seafoods, fried chicken, fried pork chops, paksiw na pata ng baboy, tocino, longaniza, itlog na maalat, balot, penoy, cicharon, tapang baka, bulalo, bopis, daing na bangus, daing na pusit, tuyo, adobong pusit, mechado, bistek, laing, ginataang gulay at isda, etc. Filipino desserts such as sweetened beans, leche flan, macapuno, halaya, minatamis na saging, fruit salad, maja blanca, puto, cuchinta, sapin sapin, samalamig, rainbow gelatin, buko gelatin, etc.

Q: What are your favorite toys when you are as a Kindergarden Student?

A: Guns, robots, battery operated cars and jeeps, dolls, matchboxes, airplanes, houses and kitchen tools, Tupperware toys, coloring books, and bicycles.

Q: We heard that you went to cinema, too, isn't it?

A: Yes, I went to cinema on July 10, 1976 at Ever Gotesco in Caloocan City, Philippines to watch the movie which was "King Kong 1". King Kong 1 was a good movie and it was also my first time in watching the movie with my aunt, Miss Estelita Magtalas, my mother's sister. The cinema was air-conditioned and I liked the sodas and popcorn while we were watching the movie.

Q: Where did you study when you are a Kindergarden Student?

A: I studied at Andres Bonifacio Elementary School along Torres Bugallon Street and A. Jacinto Street in Sangandaan, Caloocan City, Philippines. The school is just 100 meters away from our house. I was supposed to study at La Consolacion School located at A. Mabini Street in Caloocan City, Philippines, at the front of Caloocan City Hall but I didn't passed their entrance examination which is reading comprehension. I was weak on reading comprehension. Andres Bonifacio Elementary School is a public school and the students there was naughty and undisciplined. My parents were decided me to study there while they were looking for another school for Elementary. My teacher there was Miss Fe Manalo, a spinster and strict, but she was also kind to me, to my classmates, and to the parents as well. She taught anything to us. Mathematics and Science was my favorite subjects. My mother taught me Mathematics always especially Arithmetic. I loved to count anything like toys, soda crowns, bottle caps, stones, shells, etc.

Q: Was your time as a Kindergarden Student memorable?

A: Yes, it was memorable in many reasons and experiences. In my first day of my class, I was brought to the Principal's Office by my teacher because I was noisy, shouting, and playing instead of listening to our lessons. My classmates were looking at me instead to our teacher. My teacher was very mad and upset and she decided to bring me to the Pincipal's Office. My mother was called by the Principal and my mother was also very upset to me also. My mother was tried to settle this and the Principal gave us another change to change my behavior. Of course my mother smashed me with her slipper once we got home. My mother was tried to approach my teacher always and later they became friends by giving some goods and items to my teacher. My teacher later became kind to me later. She helped me in our lessons always until I became a honor student.

Q: Did you finished your study as a Kindergarden Student?

A: Yes, finally I finished my study as a Kindergarden Student on March 26, 1977 with honor. Thanks God that my parents were guided me in my studies and to my teacher, Miss Fe Manalo, as well. We were going to San Roque Parish Church in Caloocan City, Philippines, at the front of Caloocan City Hall every Sundays to thank God for the blessings that we had received especially during my childhood days.

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