Q: We heard that you went to Salem, Oregon, isn't it?

A: Yes, we went to Salem, Oregon on September 26 - 28, 2008 because I want to see the neighboring states that I have not seen yet. I live in Daly City, California and I have been to many places in California, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and New York. This was my first time to visit the state of Oregon.

Q: With whom did you go to Salem, Oregon?

A: I went to Salem, Oregon on September 26 - 28, 2008 with my former co-professors at De La Salle University like Dr. Jun Olaņo with his wife, Carmi. This was our first time to visit the State of Oregon. Many people told us that Oregon is also a beautiful tourist spot especially for those who want to see the forest and seaside areas. Oregon is located north of California and south of Washington. Salem, Oregon is the state capital of Oregon. We went to another places in Oregon not only in Salem, Oregon. We went to Heceta Head Lighthouse, which is the most popular lighthouse in Oregon and also to Sea Lion Caves where most of the sea lions in the west coast area are located.

Q: What are the tourist attractions in Oregon?

A: Well, the tourist attractions in Oregon are the following that were visited:

Q: How far is Oregon from California?

A: Well, Salem, Oregon is about 575 miles away from Daly City, California and it is a 12-hour long drive passing thru Highway 5 and Highway 101 northbound. If you are taking a flight from San Francisco International Airport to Salem International Airport, it will take about 1 1/2 hours.

Q: How's the weather there in Oregon?

A: Well, the weather there is nice as of now but it is usually colder than in California because it is located north of California. During winter time, the whole state of Oregon is covered with snow. It is better to go to Oregon from spring to fall season because it is hard to go there during winter time especially if the roads are covered with snow. You have to put snow chain or snow tires in your car because it is a law in Oregon as well a in California to put the snow chain or snow tires in your car. There a lot of wildlife plants and animals there although the weather is cold.

Q: Do you have any problems when you go to Oregon?

A: Well, we were discriminated there when we went to Applebee Restaurant, an American restaurant located at the downtown area in Salem, Oregon. After we had a tour at Oregon State Capitol and Salem City Hall, we were decided to have a lunch first because we were not yet taking our lunch from a 12-hour drive. When we were inside the restaurant, we were wait at the table for a long time about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Dr. Jun Olaņo and his wife, Carmi, were very upset because most of the waiters there are white and they are approaching the white customers often than the other races especially blacks and asians. We were supposed to stand and leave the restaurant when the manager approached us and asking the apology of what the waiters had done for us. He offered us a 50% discount of our meals and free for our drinks and desserts. We were ate our lunch seriously because we were very hungry. After we ate, we leave the restaurant and decide not to give the tip because their customer service in that restaurant is not good.

Q: Do you recommend to anyone to visit the State of Oregon?

A: Yes, I will recommend to anyone to visit the State of Oregon because it is also a beautiful place especially for those who want to see the forest and seaside areas. The area is very clean and free from pollution. The environment is well-protected by the State of Oregon. As I mentioned, it is better to visit this area from spring to fall season in order to you to visit this place easily. Also, to avoid to have a frost bite during winter time because the whole area is very cold especially with thick snow.

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