Q: How far is Salt Lake City, Utah from your place in Daly City, California?

A: Well, Salt Lake City, Utah is 743 miles from Daly City, California. If you will drive, the travel time is 10 hours and 44 minutes while if you will take the flight, the travel time is approximately 1 1/2 hours. If you will come from West Coast Area, you have to take I-80 East, if you will come from East Coast Area, you have to take I-80 West, if you will come from Northern Area, you have to take I-15 South, and if you will come from Southern Area, you have to take I-15 North. Highways I-80 and I-15 will meet at Salt Lake City at the downtown area.

Q: We heard that Salt Lake City, Utah is also a popular place in USA, why?

A: Salt Lake City, Utah is also a popular place in USA although it is surrounded with deserts because not only it is a capital of State of Utah, but there are many beautiful tourist attractions like the Great Salt Lake, Temple Square and so on. Salt Lake City, Utah was a host for 2002 Olympics.

Q: What are the tourist attractions in Salt Lake City, Utah?

A: The tourist spots or attractions at Salt Lake City, Utah are the following that we were visited:

Q: If there are many beautiful attractions in Salt Lake City, Utah, did you go there and when?

A: Yes, I went to Salt Lake City, Utah on August 30 to September 1, 2008 by long drive together with my mother. My father and my brothers were supposed to join also in the tour but they could not able to join because two my brothers have work on the weekend and holiday, my other brother went to Las Vegas, Nevada together with his wife, his son, and my cousin. They would have to give my cousin a tour there as soon as possible because he will go back home to Philippines later. My father did not feeling well and should stay at home to take a rest. We left Suisun City, California on August 30, 2008 at 8:00 am and arrived at Salt Lake City, Utah at 10:00 pm. We noticed that in Utah, their time is already 1 hour ahead from California, meaning we crossed the Mountain Time Zone. We checked-in at Super 8 Motel which is near to State Capitol of Utah for two nights. On August 31, 2008, we did a tour for the whole day with picture taking of course. My mother prepared our food and we ate our food in the motel and in the car during stop-overs. We saved money in travelling by not going to restaurants because the food is expensive, too. We spend mostly in gas and motel only. On September 1, 2008, which is Labor Day here in USA, we left Salt Lake City, Utah at 9:00 am and arrived in Suisun City, California at 10:00 pm.

Q: How was the weather there in Salt Lake City, Utah?

A: Well, the temperature there is 95F during days and 80F during evenings in summer time. It is raining also when we had a tour there on August 30, 2008 to September 1, 2008 especially in the afternoon to evening but we had a nice tour because we visited many places as much as we can. We don't have an umbrella during the tour that's why we got wet. At winter time, the whole state of Utah is covered with a thick snow and it is very cold. The State of Utah is also a popular place for ice skating and skeeing.

Q: How do you compare the people in California with the people in Utah?

A: The people in Utah are very approachable and friendly too like in California. Utah is not so busy area like in California but majority of the people in Utah are whites and native Indians. The people of Utah are mostly Mormons especially at Salt Lake City because the main office and church of the Mormons are located there. Anyway, I like the people there in Utah because they are approachable especially to the visitors that came from another state and another country as well.

Q: Do you recommend Salt Lake City, Utah to anyone?

A: Yes, I am recommend Salt Lake City, Utah to everyone to visit there too because the place is so nice also. If you will go there during winter time, you should put snow chain or snow tire to your car because the roads and freeways are very slippery and it is also a law in Utah to put snow tires or snow chain to your car.

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