Q: We heard that you went to Santurce, Puerto Rico, isn't it?

A: Yes, I went to Santurce, Puerto Rico on September 5, 2009. Santurce, Puerto Rico is about 15 kilometers or 10 minutes drive from Carolina, Puerto Rico where the Coral by the Sea Hotel is located. I stayed at Coral by the Sea Hotel during my stay in Puerto Rico from September 4-7, 2009.

Q: How's the weather there in Santurce, Puerto Rico?

A: Well, the weather there is nice when I went there. It was raining during my visit there. The temperature there is 90F during days and 65F during nights. It is also humid there that's why I got sweat there. I brought some towels to wipe-off my sweat and I got wet because it was raining there. In Philippines, it is the same thing because Puerto Rico and Philippines are both located near to equator.

Q: Did you have a tour in Santurce, Puerto Rico?

A: Yes, I had a tour at Santurce, Puerto Rico. Santurce, Puerto Rico has a lot of tourist attractions, too. First, I went to the downtown area of Santurce, Puerto Rico to see that community including the public buildings, churches, coliseums, and museums. Second, I went to Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico in which all the historic materials like books, art crafts, newspapers, pictures, and so on are located there. There's a fee of $5 for the entrance. There's also a fee for the parking. You can park your car outside the museum but sometimes, it's hard to find a parking there due to the narrow roads. Also, picture takings are nor allowed inside the museum. You can have picture takings at their lobby. I watched the film show there about the history, culture, and politics of Puerto Rico. You will learn many things there when you visit at the museum and I will recommend anyone to visit the museum. Third, I went to Plaza del Mercado de Santurce in which the historic public market in Puerto Rico is located there. Right now, it is a main public market in the whole Puerto Rico. The prices there are cheap or wholesale. The fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat are all fresh from the farm. The farm area of Puerto Rico is located at the southern part by long drive. You have to find a parking first before the public market because the area is also crowded. There are also vendors, stores, bars, and small restaurants near to the market. Don't leave any valuable things inside your car because according to the people of Santurce, Puerto Rico that there are thieves in their area. Also, there are pickpockets inside the market, so you have to be careful always when you are visiting in the public market. This is similar to Divisoria in Manila, Philippines.

Q: Is your trip to Santurce, Puerto Rico memorable?

A: Yes, of coarse. It is so memorable because it was my first time to go there. The weather there is so nice like in Philippines. Although it was raining there, I like this place, too. The people there are also approachable and friendly. I am also learning in speaking Spanish there. Although not all the people in Puerto Rico are fluent in English, they are friendly and approachable as I said. I talked to many vendors, residents, and police officers there. The peace and order situation there is also good because the law in Puerto Rico is also the same as in United States of America. Therefore, the area is peaceful.

Q: Do you have a plan to visit again in Santurce, Puerto Rico in the future?

A: Yes, of course because as I said that Santurce, Puerto Rico has a lot of tourist attractions, too. Because of having heavy rains there during my visit, I was not not able to visit the other places there. Anyway, I will visit the other places there once I visited in Santurce, Puerto Rico again soon.

Q: Do you recommend Santurce, Puerto Rico to anyone?

A: Yes, I will recommend also to anyone to visit in Santurce, Puerto Rico. If you want to buy cheaper fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat, this is a best place for you to shop and visit at Plaza del Mercado de Santurce. The area is peaceful, too although it is crowded because of having a lot of shoppers and vendors there. The people there are nice, friendly, and approachable, too.

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